Discover the "Surf" Model by Isidore Leroy: A Wave of Elegance for Your Walls

Located in Bordeaux, just an hour from the ocean, Isidore Leroy draws inspiration from the sea and wave sports. This led to the creation of the Seaside collection. At the heart of this collection is “Surf,” a model that brings the surf ambiance to your interiors. Developed in collaboration with Marion Bartherotte, an artist from Cap Ferret, “Surf” is inspired by the beaches of Landes and Guéthary to capture the essence of surfing.

The Decor
The "Surf" model features a dynamic and fluid motif inspired by ocean waves. Every detail is meticulously crafted to capture the energy and captivating beauty of tubular waves rolling over the sandbank. The curves, crests, and swirls of the waves are depicted with precision to create a realistic and immersive aesthetic. Enjoy observing the many surfers attempting to tame the swell, as well as those strolling on the beach. In the background, steep cliffs adorned with small houses plunge into the ocean, creating a rugged coastline with varied details.

The "Surf" model offers a color palette inspired by the ocean, with dominant shades of blues, greens, and whites. The hues range from the deep blues of powerful waves to the invigorating greens of clear waters, contrasting with the ochre yellow of the sandy beach, creating a refreshing, sunny, and soothing atmosphere.

Although the "Surf" model is printed on wallpaper, it gives the illusion of a textured relief due to the fineness of the motif details. The effects of light and shadow on the waves create a visual depth that adds an extra dimension to the flat surface of the wallpaper. The relief created by the cliffs in the background completes the deep dimension of the decor.

The sense of movement is one of the most striking features of the "Surf" model. The curved lines and undulating shapes of the motif give an impression of perpetual motion, evoking the feeling of gliding on a wave. This movement is amplified by the depiction of surfers, bringing the waves to life and creating a harmony between humans and nature. This visual dynamic brings a sense of life and energy to the environment.

Creating the Surf Ambiance
While “Surf” naturally fits into the decor of a vacation home, its innovative appeal lies in its ability to bring the surf ambiance into your city or country interior, far from the waves and sunny beaches. Here are some ideas and examples for your interior decor:

Accent Wall:
Choose a central wall in your living room, bedroom, or relaxation area and cover it with the "Surf" model. This will become a focal point that captures attention and instantly creates a surf ambiance. Complement the decor with beach accessories, such as vintage surfboards, wave photos, or shells. Don’t hesitate to pair surf accessories with plants, flowers, and various types of vegetation to complete the seaside ambiance.

Use the "Surf" model on the wall behind your bed to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. The blue and green hues of the wallpaper evoke the serene waters of the ocean, fostering a relaxing ambiance conducive to sleep. Complete with textiles and decorative elements reminiscent of the beach, like marine-patterned cushions and soft lighting lamps to enhance the zen atmosphere characteristic of surfing.

Transform your bathroom by using the "Surf" model on the walls. The wave effect on the wallpaper will create a feeling of freshness and revitalizing energy. Add surf-inspired bathroom accessories, such as wave-patterned towels, a bath mat reminiscent of sand, and shelves to display shells or surf objects.

Reading Nook or Meditation Room:
Create a cozy corner dedicated to relaxation using the "Surf" model. Apply it to a wall near a window, add a comfortable chair, a soft rug, and cushions to create a peaceful reading or meditation space. The oceanic ambiance of the wallpaper will promote relaxation and mentally transport you to a sunny beach.

Kitchen or Dining Room:
If your kitchen or dining room needs a touch of freshness, the "Surf" model can bring a lively ambiance. Apply it to a wall or create a frieze on part of the wall to add personality to the space. Complete with marine-patterned table accessories, blue and green chair cushions, and indoor plants for a tropical feel.

Don’t forget to play with lighting by using soft light lamps to create a warm and subdued atmosphere that will highlight the "Surf" model and intensify the surf ambiance.

If you are a passionate surfer looking for a unique way to recreate the surf ambiance at home, the "Surf" model is for you. Combining captivating design, vibrant colors, and exceptional quality, this wallpaper will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of waves at any time. Transform your home into a true surf oasis and feel the excitement of the waves at every moment, even away from the ocean.

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Isidore Leroy patents his "multi-color simultaneous printing machine for drapery papers and a printing cylinder for papers and fabrics".