Cascade BespokeCascade Bespoke

Cascade Bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft
Songe bespokeSonge bespoke

Songe bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft


Collage bespokeCollage bespoke

Collage bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft


Reflets d'Ossau bespokeReflets d'Ossau bespoke

Reflets d'Ossau bespoke

$9.9 / sq ft
Reflets d'OssauReflets d'Ossau

Reflets d'Ossau

Hava bespokeHava bespoke

Hava bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft


Tangram bespokeTangram bespoke

Tangram bespoke

$7.6 / sq ft
Roi des Aulnes bespokeRoi des Aulnes bespoke

Roi des Aulnes bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft
Roi des AulnesRoi des Aulnes

Roi des Aulnes

Écumes bespokeÉcumes bespoke

Écumes bespoke

$9.9 / sq ft




Éternelles BespokeÉternelles Bespoke

Éternelles Bespoke

$9.9 / sq ft


Terrazzo L BespokeTerrazzo L Bespoke

Terrazzo L Bespoke

$5.9 / sq ft








Terrazzo BespokeTerrazzo Bespoke

Terrazzo Bespoke

$5.9 / sq ft
Écorce BespokeÉcorce Bespoke

Écorce Bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft
Sylve Gris bespokeSylve Gris bespoke

Sylve Gris bespoke

$8.5 / sq ft
Les Landes BespokeLes Landes Bespoke

Les Landes Bespoke

$9.9 / sq ft


Welcome to the refined world of textured panoramic wallpapers, an exceptional category of products exclusively available at Isidore Leroy's online store, ready to beautify your walls. Our wallpapers, true works of art for your interior, are crafted with the utmost care using two artisanal techniques. Discover how our creations can enhance your space by playing with texture, material, and style, ready to be added to your cart for a unique decoration.

Unique Creations in Textured and Material Style Panoramic Wallpaper

Our collection of panoramic wallpaper in textured and material style is an ode to authenticity. Each roll of wallpaper is infused with the essence of craftsmanship, creating unique decors that stand out. Our talented designers have drawn inspiration from nature, offering a range of patterns from organic textures to delicate feathers and colorful stone fragments. Each wallpaper tells a story, evokes emotions, and brings a touch of elegance to your interior.

Non-Woven Wallpaper: Quality at the Heart of Your Walls

At Isidore Leroy, quality is our priority. This is why all our panoramic wallpapers are designed using non-woven technology. This technique ensures exceptional robustness while making installation easier and guaranteeing long-term durability. More than just decoration, our non-woven wallpapers become a true work of art that adorns your walls with elegance.

An Infinite Choice of Styles and Effects for Your Decoration

The diversity of patterns, styles, and effects in our panoramic wallpaper collection allows you to create an ambiance that reflects you. Choose from a variety of decors, from organic motifs that bring a touch of nature to your interior, to textured designs that add depth and character to your walls. Our panoramic wallpaper with texture and material style is an elegant way to transform your space.

The Art of Enhancing Your Interior

Bring your interior decoration dreams to life with our panoramic wallpaper. Whether for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway, our creations harmoniously adapt to all spaces. The subtle color shades used in our patterns perfectly match various color palettes, allowing you to personalize your interior as you wish.

Standout Wall Decoration

Our textured panoramic wallpapers are not just decorative elements; they are artistic expressions that inspire admiration. Each detail, each pattern is designed to capture the essence of natural beauty and evoke deep emotions. Transform your walls into a personal art gallery with Isidore Leroy.

Isidore Leroy: Your Decor Partner

For all your wall decoration needs, Isidore Leroy is here for you. Our collection of textured and material style panoramic wallpaper is an invitation to elegance and authenticity. Give your walls the royal treatment they deserve with our unique and artisanal quality creations. Explore our collection today and transform your interior into an exceptionally beautiful space.

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