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"Nature abhors a vacuum". The water, in its apparent disorder, falls vertiginously from the top of the mountain, to finish its course in the sea. The clouds, in our agitated skies, dance, evolve mysteriously, undergoing the dominant winds, capricious. Where do they go? Our glance is lost. An infinite dream...



This decor is presented in panels of 1.50 m wide. It is repeatable to to create an infinite decor. The panel is cut into three 50 cm wide strips.

Available in several colors, on non-woven paper support (lightfast, paste the wall, washable, dry tearable) or
 High Performance Contract (scrubbable and impact resistant, PVC free).

✁ Also available in bespoke version : Cascade Bespoke

➥ Samples

➢ Visual simulation on a photo of your wall
➢ Adhesive for non-woven paper 


Ships within ten working days and delivery in two to four days depending on the country.

Please consult and follow the hanging instructions.
Be aware that non-woven paper is not totally opaque. 
In case of dark or colored wall please apply an undercoat or a liner.

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