Eco-friendly High Performance Contract Paper

 Covered with washable and shockproof paper, this ecological support is also PVC-free. It is also fireproof (M1, B1, A, CA).

This support with a very mat appearance close to a traditional non-woven is very suitable for public open spaces, hotels, restaurants, as well as kitchens and bathrooms of individuals.

It can be washed with standard detergents and is resistant to the most common scratches and stains.

This substrate is certified Type II ASTM F793 for leachability and abrasion resistance.

It is also FSC and UL Greenguard Gold certified.

Weight : 200g / m2
Thickness : 0.46 mm

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Isidore Leroy patents his "multi-color simultaneous printing machine for drapery papers and a printing cylinder for papers and fabrics".