How to decorate a staircase?

The staircase is often overlooked when it comes to decoration because it is primarily considered for its function. However, it is highly visible and sometimes even from multiple rooms, so don’t hesitate to highlight this passage area which can be transformed into a true decorative asset!

Functionality First
Let's not forget the primary function of the staircase, which is to serve different levels... It is important not to clutter the passage and to keep access clear.

To decorate the staircase, instead of furnishing it, you can focus on lighting and wall decor. Many options are available to you, such as painting, wallpaper, paneling, or creating a wainscoting... You can also hang frames or mirrors on your walls.

Finally, don't hesitate to play with the risers of your staircase; you can paint them, cover them with a pattern, or even a beautiful carpet.

Wallpaper: The Highlight of Your Staircase
Are you ready to showcase your staircase? By choosing wallpaper, you can easily transform your staircase and add a decorative touch.

A pattern, a landscape, a perspective... a multitude of designs are available to you in a wide range of colors. You can play with pastel shades, warm hues, or simply rely on the elegance and sobriety of black & white.

Another advantage of wallpaper is that it can blend into the decor of the room from which it rises, such as the living room, or have its own ambiance; it's the ideal space to dare original and colorful patterns!

Whether your staircase is narrow or spacious, straight or spiral, custom wallpaper adapts perfectly to all configurations. You can choose to cover all the walls of the staircase and be completely enveloped in the decor or only decorate one wall.

An Invitation to Travel
Many inspirations are offered; the wallpaper will allow you to climb the steps while discovering the details of your decor.

In a panoramic version, you can choose from beautiful maritime landscapes inspired by the French Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. For example, the "Forêt de Bretagne" model will transport you to the seaside, sheltered by trees and close to the ocean.

In a more exotic universe, the "Rivière des Parfums" decor will invite you to the heart of Vietnam, discovering a river bordered by rice fields and mountains. If the tropical trend appeals to you, opt for the "Amazone" model and marvel each time you pass by these trees that stand majestically along your walls and compose this Amazonian jungle.

You can also play with perspectives by choosing the "Toits de Paris" model. On the theme of architecture, this decor offers you a magnificent view of Paris and its monuments. Worked in acrylic by the Japanese artist Yukiko Noritake, you will appreciate not only her line but also all the details the artist has drawn. Each time you use your staircase, you will discover a new silhouette leaning on its balcony, a passerby enjoying the evening’s softness.

A Custom and Personalized Decor
Do you have a decoration project for your staircase? Call on our in-house team of graphic designers, at no extra cost. Indeed, their intervention is necessary to perfectly adapt the decor to the dimensions of your staircase; the chosen model will be reworked, and the arrangement of the drawings harmonized according to your space.

Simply send us photos of your staircase and a sketch with all the necessary measurements to

We will send you the corresponding mockup as soon as possible.

Need advice? Feel free to contact us by phone at 05 56 67 94 59 or by email at We will be delighted to advise you on this staircase decoration project!

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