Standard Panels or Custom Designs? All About Our Panoramic Wallpapers

Wallpaper is ideal for easily decorating your interior: dress up a wall in your living room with a panoramic design, and your space is transformed!

Panoramic wallpapers are very trendy today, but you might be wondering how your order will be delivered and how to proceed with the installation. In this article, find all the answers to your questions about the cutting and delivery of your decor.

Standard Panel or Custom Design?
All our panoramics are available either in custom versions or in standard dimensions. The cutting of your decor depends on the format you order.

Standard Panel:

You can order your panoramic wallpaper in standard panels. These panels are usually 1.5 m wide and 3.30 m high and can be connected.

Let's take our new Fresco design as an example and a wall to be covered measuring 2.85 m wide. We would then need 2 panels of 1.5 m each: panel A, panel B.

For a wall to be covered that measures 4.35 m wide, we would need 3 panels of 1.5 m each, alternating them: panel A, panel B, panel A.

Each panel will be delivered cut into 3 strips, each 50 cm wide, to facilitate installation. Each strip is numbered to avoid any confusion during installation. Each order comes with an installation plan showing your design and the cut strips. 

Custom Design:

If you order custom wallpaper, you will receive it cut into several strips ranging from 50 cm to 75 cm wide. Depending on your dimensions, it is possible that the strips will not be of the same width; rest assured, this is perfectly normal.

Taking our example for a wall measuring 4.35 m wide, the cutting of the design would then be 5 strips of 75 cm wide and 1 strip of 60 cm wide.

The strips are sent numbered to avoid any confusion. You will also find the installation plan in your package.

If you need a specific cut, you can contact us by email or phone. The width of the strips should be between 50 cm and 1.30 m wide.

Your Package
Do not be surprised by the size of the package, even if it is for a large wall! The strips are rolled together and packaged in a rather long-shaped box. If you order your decor in large dimensions, you may receive several boxes.

With the installation plan included in your package, you will have confirmation of the number of strips needed for the installation.

If you have ordered paste with your wallpaper, you will receive it in the package with your order. Paste is not automatically added to your order and must be ordered separately.

All our panoramics are made in our workshop in France using digital printing. We use the latest constantly evolving technologies that allow for exceptional color rendering.

The designs are produced to order and within 10 business days.

Once your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email with the link to track your package. Delivery takes 2 to 4 business days.

Installing Your Design
As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive installation instructions by email. You will also receive this information in your package. If you have any questions about installing your wallpaper, feel free to contact us.
As soon as you receive your wallpaper, it is important to check the contents. Check the dimensions and the color received. At the bottom of each strip, you will see the dimensions, reference, and strip number.

Samples are shipped within 2 business days. You will receive them in an envelope, accompanied by the model's technical sheet. If you have a specific request regarding samples, feel free to contact us. Note that the sample color may differ slightly from your wallpaper; each print is unique, and the batches are different.

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