Trends 2024 - What Are the Current Wallpaper Trends?

At Isidore Leroy, we have been producing high-end wallpapers since 1842. While we are committed to offering timeless creations, a selection of more distinctive models allows you to bring your walls to life and add a touch of character to your interior with trendy designs.

Organic Patterns
Nature is an endless source of inspiration for interior decoration, and this trend is reflected in wallpapers. Organic patterns, such as leaves, flowers, and branches, are very popular right now. Botanical wallpapers, with their subtle and elegant designs, are perfect for creating an atmosphere of serenity and well-being. We recommend models like "Roi des Aulnes," “Pacifico,” or "Printemps."

Graphic Patterns
Graphic patterns are a timeless trend that continues to appeal due to their classic character. Geometric and abstract designs are highly appreciated, and our graphic wallpapers, with their bold geometric shapes and vibrant colors, are perfect for creating a dynamic and energetic effect.

Available in various colors, explore "Lounge" and "Tangram" in this range.

Vintage Patterns
Vintage patterns, inspired by the 60s and 70s, are very popular at the moment. Retro patterns with warm colors and psychedelic designs recall an era full of life and carefreeness. Our vintage wallpapers, like "Géo," "Flower," and "Bonheur," will allow you to recreate this ambiance in your interior, adding a touch of nostalgia to your decor.

Panoramic Wallpapers
Panoramic wallpapers are an ideal choice for creating a spectacular effect in a room. Panoramic designs, such as landscapes, nature scenes, and city views, are very popular right now. Our panoramic wallpapers allow you to create an illusion of space and depth in your room, for a grandiose effect. Isidore Leroy offers a range of panoramics representing various landscapes, including "Les Cimes," "Campagne," and "Jardin Baroque."

Pastel Colors
Pastel colors are a timeless wallpaper trend that continues to be popular. Pastel colors, such as powder pink, light blue, and mint green, are highly appreciated for creating a soft and soothing atmosphere in a room. Our pastel wallpapers, developed by specialized artists, are ideal for creating a calm and relaxing ambiance in your bedroom or living room. Discover "Eternelles," "Marrakech," and "Surf" in this style on our website.

At Isidore Leroy, we are proud to offer a wide selection of wallpapers to meet all your interior decoration desires. Our elegant and sophisticated designs are crafted to add a touch of character to your interior and create a unique atmosphere. Feel free to browse our online collection to discover our range of trendy wallpapers.

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