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Péninsule candle


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Péninsule candle - Created by par Arthur Dupuy

Lavender and sea spray

In the pinewood valleys, the birds that populate the peninsula nestle on the arbutus, Aleppo pine and myrtle trees typical of the Mediterranean.


Composition: Blend of mineral and vegetable waxes and kerosenes, oils and aromatic substances.

Burning time: 55h

Storage: Store at room temperature (20°C max.), away from air and light.

Good to know:
For the 1st use, we advise you to let the candle burn for as long as it takes to obtain a complete bath, so that the surface will be uniform for the next burn.
Be careful not to let the candle burn for more than 3 consecutive hours.
If the wick is too long, cut it to avoid black smoke.

Ships within ten working days and delivery in two to four days depending on the country.

Photographer : Studio Prigent

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