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Sur la route de Samarcande bespoke


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Francesco Battista, of Italian origin and living in France, is a drawer and painter.
Thanks to his great mastery and long experience, he works with some of the the biggest names in wallpaper, fabrics, furnishings and fashion.

For his new collaboration with Isidore Leroy, he has created a bewitching universe called “Sur la route de Samarcande”. Samarcande, a city of light in Uzbekistan, was once a junction on the Silk Road, where the cultures of East and West mingled. In this serene, peaceful landscape, palm trees, shrubs and exotic trees stand tall, while birds, butterflies and dragonflies flutter around. Soft clouds hang over this moment of tranquillity. The setting is both soothing and exotic, inviting you to take an imaginary journey to a faraway land of calm and reverie.



✁ Choose your dimensions below. Walls are not always perfectly rectangular. We advise you to add a safety margin to your dimensions (1 to 2 inches).

Your decor will be cut into strips (29.5 inches maximum width).

Available on non-woven paper(lightfast, wall mountable, washable, dry-tearable) or High Performance Contract (washable and impact resistant. PVC-free).

Also available in panel.

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Ships within ten working days and delivery in two to four days depending on the country.

Please consult and follow the hanging instructions.
Be aware that non-woven paper is not totally opaque. 
In case of dark or colored wall please apply an undercoat or a liner.

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Photography 1 ©Ton Bouwer/House of Pictures Production: Monique van der Pauw/House of Pictures

Photography 2 ©Filippa Tredal/House of Pictures Stylist: Tone Kroken/House of Pictures

Designed and printed with care.