You want to decorate your interior? Go for tones pastel ! From the furniture to the paint, through the wallpaper, the tones pastel will bring a beautiful luminosity and will allow you to soften your spaces. 


Sage green, pale pink, sky blue, or soft gray, the colors pastel are making a comeback and inviting themselves into every room of the house. Rather soft, clear, they are so called in reference to the colored sticks used to draw. 

These colors are often associated with babies and children's rooms, but the colors pastel were already very popular in the 60s and are still today a must in the decoration. And contrary to this other popular belief, the pastel colors can be seen in all seasons! When spring arrives, they will bring freshness to your home while in the fall, these colors will help you create a warm and cocooning atmosphere. The colors pastel have been enhanced with a touch of black or gray to give them character.

The advantage of these colors is that they match perfectly with any type of decoration. Whether your interior is modern, classic or vintage, the colors pastel will perfectly complement your atmosphere.

We are entering autumn, the days are getting shorter and cooler, you can for example use them to create a cocooning atmosphere. What could be better than to enter your home and find the comfort and softness of this atmosphere pastel? Cover your wall with a wall decoration in tones pastel, match your cushions and a nice plaid in which you can curl up.


Find the models of panoramic Isidore Leroy declined in beautiful shades pastel. You can opt for a landscape version pastel to give depth to your space. Worked on a white background, these decorations will allow you to enlarge the room without overloading it and to bring nice touches of colors. 

As for the other walls of the room, opt for white or shades of light gray so as not to overload the space. You can easily associate this wallpaper and these colors pastel with neutral furniture, for example light wood. And to finish, don't hesitate to add decorative objects matching the shades of your panoramic: a vase, a plaid, shelves ...



You liked Dune in Gris or in Blue? You'll love this new version in natural shades. 
Shades of green are paired with the soft blue of the sea, and nice touches of yellow punctuate this design. Depicted on a neutral background, this panoramic design will give depth to your room. 

Discover the new version of this decor composed of tall wild flowers that seem to sway slightly in the wind. We find here very poetic shades of green, pink and orange, and finally blue. This panoramic wallpaper "Prairie" made by Sophie Bohrt will elegantly match your interior, whether it is rather romantic, country or even bohemian. 

The artist Olivia de Bona transports us to the heart of this eternal spring that she has imagined. You will find it in several shades, including 5 versions pastel: 

Nude: A color that is easy to combine, for a subtle decoration that will soften your room;

Green Pastel: Green: this color also invites itself in all the rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, through the bathroom;

Blue Pastel: Peaceful, delicate, this blue is a must in Scandinavian decoration;

Lilas: Between powder pink and light blue, we adopt this color especially in the bedroom!

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Isidore Leroy patents his "multi-color simultaneous printing machine for drapery papers and a printing cylinder for papers and fabrics".