The various Isidore Leroy decors are the result of collaborations with national and international artists. This allows us to offer and discover a wide variety of artistic techniques. These collaborations also make it possible to bring to live these artistic works and the intention of the artist through the panoramic wallpaper.

In this article, discover the artist behind the model Isio Bajii (Terrazza Alta). Mogaje Guiju also known as Abel Rodriguez is a wise man of the Nonuya ethnic group, originally from Latin America. Through his paintings, Don Abel pays tribute to his region while illustrating the richness of our environment and the importance of its protection.

At Isidore Leroy, we are particularly convinced of the artistic and cultural importance of Mogaje Guihu's paintings. We are very happy and proud to participate in the dissemination of his work to a wider public, through wall decorations. 


Mogaje Guihu (Abel Rodriguez), also known as Don Abel, was born among the Nonuya in 1944. This people is located south of the Cahuinarí River in the Colombian Amazon and is surrounded by the territories of the Muinane, Resigaro and Ocaína peoples. His uncle gave him a lot of knowledge about the traditional botany of the region.

In the 1990s, the Colombian armed conflict and the exploitation of the rainforest's natural resources forced Rodriguez and his family to leave their native land. The family settled in Bogotá, the country's capital. 

In order to preserve the memory of his region and to perpetuate all his knowledge, Don Abel creates detailed paintings and drawings that describe the ecosystem of the rainforest. His work is largely based on the ancestral knowledge of the native plants of this region that was taught to him by his uncle. He incorporates intricate details of the flora and fauna into his work and thus introduces us to the forest around which he grew up. 

In 2012, he created "Árbol de la vida y la abundancia" (Tree of Life and Abundance), which describes the story of the creation of the jungle. Through this painting, Don Abel exposes to us how the Nonuya evolved in the Amazon and organized themselves to live in perfect harmony with nature.

Today his work is internationally recognized by artists, curators and scientists. 



The panoramic wallpaper Isio Bajii (Terrazza Alta) is based on a memory painting by Don Abel and thus supports the author's work and approach. This wall decoration is a design that is particularly dear to our hearts because of its history and that of its artist.

Indeed, there is behind this setting the will to preserve and transmit the natural environment and the culture of the Nonuya and Nuinane people. We discover the fauna and flora of the Cahuinari River, in the Caqueta basin, a tributary of the Amazon in southern Colombia, and even some animals.

Declined in beautiful shades of green, the artist transports us to the heart of the forest where he grew up.

The self-taught artist also emphasizes the interest in teaching biological knowledge, the role of each plant but also their spiritual significance, from generation to generation. 

You can find this panoramic wallpaper in versions bespoke and panels

Want to know more? Find out more about the artist and his work on the instituto de vision website.

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