Baseboards and borders: The Art of Enhancing Your Interior

At Isidore Leroy, we believe every detail matters in interior decoration. Our baseboards and borders are true works of art that bring elegance and refinement to your space. Collaborating with French and international artists, our designs incorporate techniques like watercolor, linocut, and embroidery for a unique and artistic touch. Each creation is unique, transforming your walls into living canvases.

Why Choose Baseboards and Borders?

Space Enhancement: Our friezes and wainscoting add an aesthetic and structured dimension to your rooms. They subtly delineate spaces while adding character and depth to your walls.

Unique Artistic Touches: Collaborations with talented artists ensure original and exclusive motifs. Each design captures the artist's essence, adding a personal and artistic touch to your decor.

Adaptability and Customization: Whether your style is modern, classic, or contemporary, our collections cater to all your desires. The diversity of patterns and colors allows you to create a tailored ambiance that matches your vision.

Ease of Maintenance: Our wallpapers are designed to be easy to install and maintain, ensuring durability and lasting beauty.

Transform Your Interior with Isidore Leroy
By choosing our friezes and wainscoting, you opt for excellence and originality. Be inspired by our creations and rediscover the art of wall decoration. Each collection invites you to explore various artistic worlds while bringing sophistication to your interior.

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