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Petrichor is a term used to describe the smell of rain when it falls on dry ground. This smell is often associated with summer rains and evokes generally pleasant memories.

Painted with casein, a natural binder whose velvety texture and transparency allow the pigments to produce deep matt blacks and luminous colours, the painting "PÉTRICHOR" was created during a walk in the Entre deux mers region, in early autumn. With no discernible horizon, it tends to move away from the classical landscape towards the notion of motif: up close, the very free brushstrokes are almost abstract, and it is only as a whole that the eye reconstructs the subject: the ray of light on the flowers and the shimmer of the backlight in the woods.

The Atelier BLUNDELL & THERRIEN was born of the complicity of two enthusiasts.
Célina Blundell and Christophe Therrien, painters, have chosen to put their expertise at the service of painted décor, to create murals that stand out for their resolutely original approach: figurative or abstract, contemporary or classical, the aim is to restore painting to its rightful place in decoration.



Choose your dimensions below. Walls are not always perfectly rectangular. We advise you to add a safety margin to your dimensions (1 to 2 inches).

Your decor will be cut into strips (29.5 inches maximum width)

Available on non-woven paper (lightfast, paste the wall, washable, dry-tearable) or High Performance Contract (scrubbable and impact resistant, PVC free).

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Ships within ten working days and delivery in two to four days depending on the country.

Please consult and follow the hanging instructions.
Be aware that non-woven paper is not totally opaque. 
In case of dark or colored wall please apply an undercoat or a liner.

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