Wallpaper is making a comeback, dominating the modern interior design trend. 

And if you're wondering if it's possible to combine fashion with responsible consumption, the answer is yes. Nowadays, eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly popular and allow you to decorate your home in a sustainable way.

Ecological wallpapers are resistant and have the same life span as a classic wallpaper. They are also easy to maintain because the support is washable. As for the installation, you just have to glue directly the wall to cover and proceed as with a traditional wallpaper. 

Eco-friendly wallpapers use fewer fossil fuels, such as petroleum-based plastics. The materials used to make these products are renewable and come from natural sources, such as wood and plants. Recycled paper is also used in large quantities.

The production process and the materials used are environmentally friendly and the resulting water and energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. 


Isidore Leroy is concerned about deforestation and environmental degradation, so he chose the FSC-certified large format ecological canvas. This label guarantees that the harvesting of natural wood products preserves the biodiversity, productivity and functionality of forest ecosystems.

Our children are also harmed by indoor and outdoor pollution. The choice of materials we use to decorate our children's rooms is very important to provide a healthier environment for our little ones! We can now test the manufacture and composition of our adhesives and wallpapers to ensure that they emit as few VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as possible and thus protect the health of others.

VOC emission tests are relatively new in the EU standards. Our proposed wallpapers (non-woven and HPC) have a very low VOC emission index of volatile substances into the indoor air.

By choosing an ecological wallpaper, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment. Would you like to choose a natural and ecological wallpaper paste? You can easily buy it in a DIY store.

To create a stylish and healthy interior, simply choose one of our eco-friendly wallpaper designs on our website isidoreleroy.com

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Isidore Leroy patents his "multi-color simultaneous printing machine for drapery papers and a printing cylinder for papers and fabrics".